Wednesday, April 27, 2016


4_28 from Julia Lasseter on Vimeo.

Bruceosonhadordeverdade - Flapping noises
jppi_Stu - Bird sounds
Kerri Lake - Rainbow

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Visiting Artist Lecture: Li Lee

Ji Lee is a graphic designs artist that has made numerous projects, such as the Bubble Project, where he printed out a ton of speech bubbles and placed them on various ads around New York and left the community to fill them in, taking photos of the results. He also likes to make mini projects, which are just fun little projects he does on his own time that are supposed to short and quick. Even then, these projects convey some small type of meaning or concept. Lee was pretty inspiring to listen to, and was very motivating. It was fun to see his various projects and hear how much fun he has making them and be able to pursue his goals.

Monday, April 25, 2016

4/26 Progress

4_26 from Julia Lasseter on Vimeo.

Bruceosonhadordeverdade - Flapping noises
jppi_Stu - Bird sounds
Kerri Lake - Rainbow

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Project 6 4/14 Revisions

Updated Synopsis: A bird that longs for its old companion sings a song that sacrifices his own life for that of his dead friend and the environment that surrounds him.

Some stylistic ideas that came to mind. Same idea just in water color cuts out. Or combination of construction and water colored paper.

New Outline:

Bird is in his cage, perhaps grooming its wings. Sitting in the gray and dead environment
He looks over at the bird fountain, where the statue of his deceased companion sits
Perhaps there needs to be a shot where he remembers the time this companion was alive?

In the bird's sorrow, he begins to sing, longing for his lost friend
So the environment around him is being filled with life and color again
As his song comes to an end, the cage and the bird begin to turn to stone. At the same time, his deceased companions statue is coming to life
Once the song ends, so does the bird's life, now encased in stone. But now his friend is able to fly away, free to fly in the skies

Monday, April 11, 2016

Project 6 Update

My concept will be about a bird that sings in its cage, giving life into its environment through its song, only to sacrifice itself in the process. The environment will start off as gray, and as the song goes, it shifts into color. Maybe there are flowers that begin to bloom, etc. Once the song ends, the bird's life will also end.

This piece will be set in an outdoors environment. There will be multiple shots showing the transition from gray and dead, to colorful and lively.

The initial set up will look like this (but with gray instead of this blue). Might need to make bird bigger along with its cage. Possibly need to make the foundation the cage sits on wider so the bird cage can be bigger.

Wide shot then cut to close up on bird. Planning to have bird maybe cleaning its wing, giving it more movement.

Bird sees a birdy couple fly down to the bird fountain, being all lovey dovey. Makes the bird sad.

Bird starts to sing due to loneliness. Maybe music notes need to fly out as the song plays?

Starting with the tree branches: maybe music notes float by and then leaves or flowers or both bloom, color flows in.

The barren sticks begin to grow into big flower bushes.

The small plot of land becomes a small garden that has plants.

Bird fountain begins to sprout water out of the tube.

Towards the end of the song, the bird will go from a bright yellow into a gray like how the environment look. This is to signify the switched roles: now the bird will die after sacrificing itself to give life. Perhaps an additional shot needs to be shown of this environment now fully in color?